The Centre involves leading experts in materials science and engineering from the Departments of Materials Science & Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield and The School of Materials at The University of Manchester.

About the CDT team

The two universities provide complementary expertise in metallurgy, manufacturing, surface engineering and corrosion science giving students a breadth of experience and a wide choice of research topics to suit their interests. Sheffield has expertise in processing, semi-finished product production (e.g. rolled plate, extrusions), and surface engineering, whilst Manchester concentrates more on technologies involved in manufacturing (e.g. joining, forming etc) and in-service life (e.g. corrosion and damage accumulation).

Collectively, we can provide students with hands on experience of an exceptional range of state-of-the-art research techniques. Sheffield specialises in thermo-mechanical simulation, and processing equipment whereas Manchester focuses on 3D microstructure characterisation, residual stress, damage characterisation, corrosion and surface analysis.

Management Team


  • Prof Brad Wynne - CDT Director, 
University of Sheffield Prof Brad Wynne CDT Director, University of Sheffield
  • Prof Phil Prangnell - CDT Co-Director
University of Manchester Prof Phil Prangnell CDT Co-Director University of Manchester
  • Dr Richard Thackray - Course Director, 
University of Sheffield Dr Richard Thackray Course Director, University of Sheffield
  • Prof Joe Robson - University of Manchester Prof Joe Robson University of Manchester
  • Claire Hinchliffe - CDT Manager Claire Hinchliffe CDT Manager
  • Lynn Li - CDT Administrator Lynn Li CDT Administrator

Supervisors - University of Sheffield

Prof Ian Burgess (Civil & Structural Engineering)

Prof Buick Davison (Civil & Structural Engineering)

Dr David Fletcher (Mechanical Engineering)

Dr Amy Gandy (Materials Science & Engineering)

Dr Russell Goodall (Materials Science & Engineering)

Dr Martin Jackson (Materials Science & Engineering)

Dr Adrian Leyland (Materials Science & Engineering)

Dr Kamran Mumtaz (Mechanical Engineering)

Prof Eric Palmiere (Materials Science & Engineering)

Dr Christophe Pinna (Mechanical Engineering)

Prof Mark Rainforth (Materials Science & Engineering)

Prof Iain Todd (Materials Science & Engineering)

Dr Richard Thackray (Materials Science & Engineering)

Dr Karl Travis (Materials Science & Engineering)

Prof Panos Tsakiropoulos (Materials Science & Engineering)

Prof Brad Wynne (Materials Science & Engineering)

Supervisors - University of Manchester

Prof Robert Akid (School of Materials)

Prof Grace Burke (School of Materials)

Dr Michele Curioni (School of Materials)

Prof Brian Derby (School of Materials)

Dr Dirk Engelberg (School of Materials)

Dr John Francis (School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering)

Dr Philipp Frankel (School of Materials)

Dr Sarah Haigh (School of Materials)

Dr Enrique Jimenez Melero (School of Materials)

Prof Peter Lee (School of Materials)

Dr Rob Lindsay (School of Materials)

Prof Stuart Lyon (School of Materials)

Prof Allan Matthews (School of Materials)

Dr Ed Pickering (School of Materials)

Prof Phil Prangnell (School of Materials)

Prof Michael Preuss (School of Materials)

Dr João Quinta Da Fonseca (School of Materials)

Dr Chris Race (School of Materials)

Prof Joe Robson (School of Materials)

Dr Fabio Scenini (School of Materials)

Prof Phil Withers (School of Materials)

Prof Xiaorong Zhou (School of Materials)