CDT Alumni

Our alumni are working in industry in a range of sectors including aerospace, automotive, construction and manufacturing. Some students continue to work for the company that sponsored their research but many move to a different area of materials science and engineering to that which they studied in their doctorate.

Some of our graduates are keen to pursue an academic career and are working as postdoctoral researchers.

We hold an annual networking event for all staff and students, past and present, to meet up in an informal social environment.

Find out what some of our alumni are doing now and their memories of their time as CDT students in this video.

Alistair Garner from the 2010 cohort is now a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Manchester

My PhD thesis focused on the corrosion performance of zirconium alloys for nuclear applications and was submitted in September 2014. During the last year or so of the project, I had written a number of papers as part of the alternative style thesis (where a selection of papers are submitted along with other compulsory chapters as an alternative to the standard thesis format). It became clear to me that I really enjoyed writing and so when I was offered a postdoctoral position within the zirconium group at The University of Manchester, I jumped at the opportunity.

I am now almost 2 years into my 3-year postdoctoral contract and am very glad that I took the opportunity. It has enabled to expand upon the skill set I acquired during my time within the Advanced Metallics CDT and I now feel I am equipped to hopefully continue with an academic career. Although permanent academic positions are very competitive, the links I made with both industry and academia during my involvement with the CDT have definitely given me an advantage. I now spend a lot of time at experiments at large-scale facilities such as Dalton Cumbria Facility and Diamond Light Source and enjoy travelling to international conferences. I have also started teaching the Nuclear Technology Energy Consortium Master’s course on zirconium alloys, which was the course that led me to join the Advanced Metallics CDT in the first place. It is very satisfying to see how far I have come since joining the CDT and I could not recommend it more!