EngD Projects

An Engineering Docorate is ideal for students who want to combine doctoral-level research with industrial experience as they carry out their research project whilst based in their sponsoring company.

This gives EngD students (or Research Engineers) the opportunity to appreciate the context and impact of their research first hand. More information about the Engineering Doctorate can be found on the Association of Engineering Doctorates website.

All EngD students are recruited directly to specific projects put forward by our industrial collaborators. Students who are UK nationals and who have been resident in the UK for the past 3 years will be eligible for all projects and students from the EU will be eligible for most projects, depending on the project funder.

EngD studentships will be funded to at least the same level as our  PhD studentships. In 2018/19 that will be £16,777 in the first year and at least £17,777 thereafter. Additional stipend enhancement is at the discretion of the sponsoring company.

2018 EngD Projects

We are in discussions with our industrial partners for 2018 cohort projects and details of currently available projects can be downloaded below. We expect to offer additional projects shortly, in collaboration with industrial partners in the aerospace, automotive, energy and manufacturing sectors.